Order line items not linked to channel

Shopify: Order line items not linked to channel


An order contains a SKU that either does not exist in Stock2Shop or is not linked to the Shopify channel

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This type of queue error occurs when an order coming from your Shopify sales channel contains a SKU that either does not exist on Stock2Shop or the SKU is not correctly linked to the product on Shopify.

Kindly follow the steps below to process the failed order back to your respective ERP (source):

  • Navigate to your Shopify backend, and view the respective order
  • Take down the list of SKUs on the order and the corresponding ID (you can view this if by navigating to the product on Shopify and adding “.json” to the URL / web address) of the product from Shopify
  • Search Stock2Shop for the SKUs to make sure its linked (Products > View > Search > 3 dots > Edit)
  • View the Channels tab of the SKU / product to make sure IDs match
  • Re-add/re-link to the correct ID if the SKU’s ID in Stock2Shop does not match the SKU’s ID on Shopify.
  • If you are having difficulties re-linking a product then kindly follow the step below to assist:
    • Search the SKU in the Stock2Shop console > Edit > Channel tab > Remove all (on specific Shopify channel) > Click Save on General and Variant tab
  • If the SKU is not in Stock2Shop, make sure to activate it to sync from Accounting System / ERP

Once the above is rectified and the SKU is correctly linked you can retry the queue error in Stock2Shop, by clicking Try Again on the failed order, to re-process the order accordingly.