Please enter a number 0 or greater in the "price" field in the "group_price:[#]" set. Resource data pre-validation error

Magento: Resource data pre-validation error


A product requests a price list that is not assigned to it or not set to sync. This occurs when Stock2Shop is syncing price lists to customer groups in Magento.

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All products are available to all customer groups. This means that every product should have every price list set for every price group. If that’s not the case on the site, then it is because of a specific module. The API still requires Stock2Shop to send a price for every customer group.

Once you have confirmed the queue error:

  • Navigate to the queue error > View Product.
  • Now that the product that is blocking the queue is open, navigate to the VARIANTS tab > view all the price lists.
  • Confirm the SKUs have all the price lists assigned. All price group price lists must exist on the SKU, even if the value is zero.
  • Confirm which price list is missing and add it to the product in your ERP / accounting system or Stock2Shop system if that’s the workflow. (If prices have been coded to exist in Stock2Shop then contact to run an audit)
  • Wait for the sync from your ERP / accounting system and check that the product has the price list.
  • Once the product has the price list, navigate to the queue error and click “Try Again”.