Case Study: Omnico

Omnico is a major importer of lifestyle, cycle and electronic brands, including GoPro, Canondale, Giro, Stages, Ryder and Red-e.

The Challenge

Omnico needed a full e-commerce solution. They were using SYSPRO to manage their customer accounts, price data and product codes, but had no way to communicate this data to their other sales channels: e-commerce websites (B2B and B2C), marketplaces and drop shipping solutions. Stock2Shop integrated them with ease.

The Goals

  • Sync inventory
  • Sync customer data
  • Streamline workflow
  • Custom build an e-commerce website (B2B and B2C)
  • Open up additional sales channels
  • Simplify drop shipping

The Solutions

Stock2Shop worked with Omnico to find the perfect solutions for their various challenges. We integrated SYSPRO into a custom-built Magento website that served as both a B2B and B2C platform. Essentially, we made e-commerce painless. Here’s how we did it:

Sync Data

  • Omnico can now manage their inventory from SYSPRO, while Stock2Shop automatically updates their various sales channels, near real time.
  • We integrated all their product data: multiple price lists, warehouse inventory levels and future purchase orders, and set up systems to send different data to different sales channels where necessary.

Sync customer data

  • Alongside the product data was equally important customer data. We synced this into the Stock2Shop system so customers and sales reps can automatically access products and pricing linked to their account. Simple and straightforward to use.

Streamline workflow Each business has a unique workflow, so we worked with Omnico to find out how to make their workflow more efficient.

  • At Omnico, customer accounts and terms, price data and product codes are managed with SYSPRO.
  • We sync all this information, along with product pictures, descriptions and other marketing material, to Omnico’s central Stock2Shop console.
  • We send this enriched product data to multiple sales channels, including:
    • Omnico’s custom-built Magento website (B2B and B2C).
    • B2B ordering platform for sales reps to use.
    • 3rd party reseller websites wanting to drop ship their products.
  • We set up default price and warehouse information for each sales channel, so that they’re always fully informed about what stock is available.
  • We created custom rules to assign certain products to different sales channels.
  • Orders from these sales channels are automatically raised as sales orders in SYSPRO.
  • Omnico can then invoice, pick, pack and distribute the order with the click of a button.
  • There’s no need for manual input, no juggling of order forms, just one streamlined e-commerce solution.

Custom build an e-commerce website

  • Omnico was looking for a unique website that could manage B2B and B2C, so we custom-built them a Magento e-commerce website that we host and manage.
  • We used a well-designed template, saving customisation costs which Omnico can use for marketing.
  • The process was quick and painless, with all product data and images sourced directly from SYSPRO.
  • This site – – acts as both a B2B ordering platform for their trade customers and a B2C e-commerce website: one central hub fulfilling all of Omnico’s needs.

B2C e-commerce customisations include:

  • A store locator to promote their dealers.
  • A dealer selection on checkout, to assign the sale to (chosen by the customer based on location).
  • Different payment methods for their customers (e.g. on account or via credit card)

B2B customisations include:

  • Promotional discounts.
  • Daily deals.
  • Individual pricing and product lists for each SYSPRO trade customer.
  • Individual payment terms for each customer.
  • Individual accounts in SYSPRO, with historical order information.
  • Sales rep ordering system directly from the B2B platform.

Open up additional sales channels Opening up new sales channels is another one of our specialities. We made it significantly easier for Omnico to sell through additional sales channels – automated drop shipping through marketplaces, a B2C Magento sales channel to sell end-of-range stock, and a streamlined sales rep ordering platform through the B2B store.

How the B2B sales rep ordering platform works:

  • Omnico sales reps can log in as a customer to see their pricing.
  • The rep can raise an order on behalf of the client (using their mobile phone or computer).
  • Both the client and the rep are immediately sent an order confirmation.
  • The order is processed into the client’s account. SYSPRO checks that the client is in good standing and the order is valid. If not, a notification is sent to Omnico admin to contact the client and ask them to resolve the issue. The order can then be reprocessed at the click of a button.
  • If the client is in good standing, the order goes through immediately.
  • Simple, speedy, effective.

Simplify drop shipping of Omnico’s stock

  • With Stock2Shop, Omnico can now share real time inventory data with drop shippers, automatically and near real time.
  • Some retailers don’t hold all of Omnico’s stock, so it’s essential to have accurate stock and pricing information, constantly updated.
  • Because inventory levels are automatically updated, Omnico never sells something they can’t deliver. And customers are never disappointed.

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