Sage Intacct + Parcelninja

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Let Stock2Shop send fulfillment notifications to Parcelninja once an order has been successfully created Sage Intacct. Here’s how we can help you streamline your workflow.

An end-to-end solution

With Stock2Shop, you can “close the loop” on the ecommerce process. Your customers are informed of what is available, sales documents are created in your ERP, your customers receive tracking information and the order is delivered.

Sync stock levels

Stock2Shop can automate the updating of stock levels directly from Parcelninja. This means that you can show your ecommerce customers the exact stock levels that exist in the Parcelninja warehouse. No more stock inaccuracies, no more overselling.

Send tracking information

Update orders on supported sales channels with fulfillment and tracking information (waybill / tracking number / tracking link).

Fulfill orders

Once an order has successfully been created in Sage Intacct, Stock2Shop can send an automatic outbound notification to Parcelninja so they can pick, pack and deliver.

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An end-to-end solution

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