B2B Ordering for Franchises

Managing a franchise comes with many challenges, most of which are centred around presenting a consistent corporate message to your market. Regardless of which outlet your customers walk into, they need to recognise your brand, and their expectations must be met with respect to product and services. To attain this kind of cohesion, franchisees must fall in line with company regulations, and franchisors need to provide access to a standardised catalogue of collateral and supplies.

The good news for franchisors is that with the Stock2Shop B2B Trade Store, managing your supply chain becomes a whole lot easier. The Trade Store is a pre-built system so there is no development involved, and it can be set up and configured relatively quickly. Once it’s operational, just place a button (link) on your existing corporate website, and your franchisees are redirected to a login page.

From a user perspective it’s easy to navigate. Just give each outlet manager login credentials so they can browse what is available, see how much each item costs, and place orders directly into the head office ERP. Finding products is quick and easy. Franchisees can make use of a number of search functions, or they can simply select a past order and click the “re-order” button. If they have a spreadsheet of items they would like to order, this can be uploaded to the Trade Store using the “bulk order” function.

Benefits of the B2B Trade Store to a franchise operation

  • Streamline operations and reduce the pressure on head office staff
  • Give franchisees easy access to pricing and stock levels, anytime day or night
  • Products can be easily segmented by attributes such as brand or category for easy navigation
  • Reduce human error and duplicate data capture by automating orders directly into the ERP
  • Each outlet’s orders are funnelled into its own debtors account, making it easy to do recons
  • Franchisees can check their credit limit and account balances online
  • No development costs – it is a pre-built platform
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