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When it comes to systems integrations, most people understand the importance of accurate data and a stable network, but all too often a vital ingredient of a successful implementation is overlooked – a simple, consistent workflow.

The main reason clients come to us for supply chain integration is optimisation. They want to reduce human error and duplicate manual work so they can concentrate on growing their business. If that is your goal then Stock2Shop is right for you. However, occasionally we get enquiries from people with unnecessarily convoluted technical requirements that are more likely to hinder their business than help it.

Typically, such enquiries are motivated by a desire to have one’s business “run in the background” without human intervention. If you are looking for a “silver bullet” solution that will take care of your entire workload while you to go surfing all day, please let us know when you find it. In truth, supply chain integration is not going to run your business for you; what it will do is help you run it better.

Stock2Shop is a tool, and just like any tool, it needs to be used correctly to be effective. A big part of our technical team’s job is therefore to determine the best configuration for each customer. To this end we often find ourselves advising against needless complexity. The more ‘moving parts’ an integration has, the more prone it is to human error, especially in companies where multiple people are involved in managing the online presence. It’s therefore very important that each aspect of your setup is interrogated to ensure it is adding value:

  • Am I reducing the number of times a particular piece of data needs to be input?
  • Am I reducing the number of systems that need to be accessed?
  • Am I reducing the chance for human error?
  • Am I reducing my admin workload?
  • Am I making my job easier?

Your Stock2Shop configuration can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. We will always try and steer each client towards a solution that gets the most out of our console while staying as user-friendly as possible.

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