Stock2Shop’s “Audit” feature

It is a dark and stormy night. You log on to your website and notice that the title of one of your products has changed! How did this happen, and when? Who was the perpetrator?

My dear Dr Watson, the game is afoot.

When there are multiple people working on your product data across your various business systems, it’s easy to lose track of recent changes that have been made. With our new “Audit” feature, you can now pull up a list of all the updates made on a particular product over the past two weeks.

This tool will prove most useful in the Mysterious Case of the Changed Product Title. It can be used to interrogate a particular product for recent updates and see who was responsible (in the case of updates made on the console). You can even filter by variant, channel and source to narrow your search.

To use this feature, go to the product listing page on your Stock2Shop console and click the “Edit” button of the product in question. In the blue bar near the top of your screen you will see the “Audit” button. Clicking it will present you with a list of all of this product’s updates over the previous 14 days. On the right of your screen you will see that each update has a “Details” button which reveals the relevant json payload, including the user ID where applicable.

So the next time one of your products keeps changing on your sales channel and you can’t work out why, use the “Audit” feature to solve the mystery. It’s elementary.

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