Are you a wholesaler? How would you like more time to go fishing?

You’ve sourced your products, you’ve developed relationships with online resellers and you’re ready to do business. Now what?

Now comes the ever-present challenge of staying on top of your supply chain. Your resellers need to know what products you have, how much they cost, and how many you have in stock. You could send them stock sheets every week. But not only is that extra admin to worry about, there is a good chance you will have customers ordering out-of-stock items from old stock sheets.

What if you could send your products directly into your resellers’ websites? Stock2Shop can help.

Step 1:

Sync your product data from your accounting system to Stock2Shop.

Step 2:

Enrich your product data on Stock2Shop with any additional marketing collateral that might be useful, such as long descriptions and images.

Step 3:

Now you have a repository of products that are ready to be sold online! You’re able to provide data feeds to your resellers and they will receive product titles, images, long descriptions, pricing and up-to-date stock levels directly into their website*.

Stock2Shop offers many configuration options. For example, you can decide which products are sent to each website, and you can even assign each reseller to a different price list.

Speak to one of our sales people to find out how Stock2Shop can streamline your business – | 021 813 5866

**Stock2Shop supports Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento ecommerce platforms. Resellers using other ecommerce systems would need to consume the Stock2Shop API.

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