Why sell on Takealot Marketplace?

If you are already running a retail business, whether it’s a bricks-and-mortar store or exclusively online, the real question is, “Why not?”

A challenge facing a company looking to sell fast-moving goods on Takealot is ensuring that enough stock is always made available. One way to combat this is to arrange to warehouse stock at the Takealot depot. Although this does make it easier for Takealot to know how many items are available at all times, the downside is twofold:

  • If you get a large order for that stock via a different avenue (on your website, for example), you are unable to access it easily.
  • If Takealot is unable to move the stock fast enough, you may be liable for warehousing fees.

The good news is that Takealot offers another option – you can list your products on their marketplace and ship them the stock as and when they are sold. These are called lead time orders, and running your Takealot operation this way removes the risk of warehousing fees, and also allows you to keep tighter control of your stock. And keep tight control you must, because Takealot demands to know an accurate figure of how many of each item is available in your inventory.

This is understandable. It would severely hurt the Takealot brand if they continually had to refund customers due to an inability to fulfill orders, so they are forced to be draconian about knowing your stock levels. Doing lead time orders therefore comes with a different sort of risk, because if you are unable to provide Takealot with products that they have sold, you are in for some serious sanctions.

This is where we can add tremendous value. If you are managing your inventory in an accounting system compatible with Stock2Shop, we can sync your stock levels directly to the lead time stock quantity field on Takealot. In addition, we can keep the offer price and recommended retail price up to date too if you wish, as well as sync completed orders back to your ERP.

All you need to do is ensure the data on your accounting software is accurate and we will do the rest.

Contact us to find out how your Stock2Shop integration can help you manage a new sales channel on South Africa’s largest online retail platform, Takealot.

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