Technical Support Consultant

We are looking for Technical Support Consultants. If you are interested in learning about programming and software or are a technical whizz, then this is the perfect role for you.

You will be surrounded by like-minded team members on the same trajectory. While providing our clients with technical support and guidance regarding their integrations, you will be given the opportunity to learn from developers and programmers with many years of experience.

In order to fulfill the position of Technical Support Consultant, you will need to be technically capable, be able to focus on the details and be practical.

Skills Required:

  • Reading & Writing SQL
  • Understand REST API (Postman)
  • Understand SOAP (SoapUI)
  • Understand CSV file format
  • Understand JSON data format
  • Understand XML data format
  • Understand FTP communication protocol
  • Freshdesk (or equivalent) Ticketing system

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Understanding customer requirements and transforming this into technical configuration
  • Navigating client ERP / Accounting system databases
  • Data mapping between various systems using SQL (ERP / Accounting system => Stock2Shop)
  • Modeling of e-commerce products from flat data structure
  • Making assumptions on how to best map product data
  • Supporting client requests relating to ERP / Accounting system requests


  • Knowledge of Github (version control)
  • Basic understanding of Python or any other programming language
  • Basic knowledge of accounting principles

What you will learn

  • How to use version control (GIT)
  • Learn to read basic code snippets
  • Data modeling concepts
  • eCommerce & eCommerce platforms
  • Supply chain concepts
  • System integration

In order to succeed in this role, you will require the following soft skills and competencies:


Technical Support Consultants must be able to communicate technical issues to colleagues and customers with a variety of backgrounds, which means they need to be able to explain the issues and fixes in a way that is equally understood by the tech guru and the tech-challenged user. They also need to be good listeners, carefully listening to the user’s concern, and solving his or her problem.


Able to work independently, manage time efficiently, Prioritization, Quickly learn new technologies, Team player, Virtual working capabilities, Willingness to explore new technologies.


Attention to detail, High level of concentration and commitment, Interact with a wide range of customers and technical issues, Listening, Maintain customer relationships, outstanding customer service.


Problem-solving is what a good Technical Support Consultants excels in. He or she has to carefully listen to the user’s concerns, figure out exactly what the problem is, and come up with a plan for resolving the issue. This often involves creative problem-solving strategies.

The particulars of the roles are:

  • Employment: Full-time
  • Job Functions: Support, Ticketing, System Integration
  • Location: On-site (Hout Bay, Cape Town)

We offer a competitive market-related salary based on qualifications and experience. All training on our software will be provided.

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