Omni Accounts + Takealot Supplier

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Let Stock2Shop send product inventory updates from Omni Accounts to your Takealot Supplier account. Here’s how we can help you streamline your workflow.

Sync inventory data

Sync inventory data from Omni Accounts to your Takealot Supplier account via the Takealot Supplier API.

Near real time syncing of stock availability

Our software continually monitors Omni Accounts for changes in inventory information and sends these updates to your Takealot Supplier account.

Sync inventory from one or multiple warehouses on Omni Accounts

You can choose which warehouse (or combination of warehouses) on Omni Accounts updates your stock availability on your Takealot Supplier account.

Run multiple online stores from one Omni Accounts database

Once you’re integrated with Stock2Shop and are syncing product updates to Takealot, opening data feeds to other ecommerce channels is relatively easy.

Error management

If an update fails to process to Takealot, an error will appear in your Stock2Shop console and you will be sent an email notification. The error will give an indication of what caused the update failure, and once you’ve rectified the issue, you can reset the update to try again.

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Sync inventory data

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