Sync Product and Inventory Data

Near real time syncing

Our software continually monitors your Sage database for changes in product information and sends these updates to Magento. So if your pricing or stock levels are adjusted on Sage, it won’t be long before these changes reflect on your website.

Choose the data to sync

You get to decide which data fields are mapped from your Sage 50 Accounts database to fields and attributes within Magento. You can also choose whether a particular field is managed by Sage, Stock2Shop or Magento.

Product information management (PIM)

Use Stock2Shop as a PIM to enrich product data not found in Sage. You are able to make your products more presentable for online selling by adding images, long descriptions and other marketing material. This is particularly useful when sending product data to multiple online stores because you can manage your product enrichment in one place.

Run multiple online stores from one Sage 50 Accounts UK database

Once your product data has synced onto Stock2Shop and you have added product enrichment such as images and descriptions, opening data feeds to multiple Magento websites is easy.

Assign customers to various price tiers

You can create multiple customer groups on Magento and allocate each one to a different Sage price list. This enables you to assign your customers to different pricing tiers (eg Gold, Silver and Bronze).

Sell B2C and B2B on one store

Magento’s ability to accommodate multiple pricing tiers (see above) means you can sell retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) on one website. To offer a customer preferential pricing, simply assign them to the relevant customer group.

Sync inventory from one or multiple warehouses on Sage

You can choose which warehouse (or combination of warehouses) on Sage 50 Accounts UK updates your stock quantities on Magento.

Error management

If an update fails to process to your Magento website, an error will appear in your Stock2Shop console and you will be sent an email notification. The error will give an indication of what caused the update failure, and once you’ve rectified the issue, you can reset the update to try again.

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