Automate Raising Orders

Select your document type

You can choose whether the order document created in SYSPRO will be a quote, sales order or invoice.

Custom notifications

Assign administrators in your business to receive notifications at various stages of the syncing process. You can also alert specific administrators of certain sync activity, eg the sales manager can receive notifications of successful orders and the IT manager can be notified of failed orders.

Raise orders into each customer’s debtors account

When onboarding a new wholesale customer, simply add them to SYSPRO and sync them to the Stock2Shop console automatically. They can start placing orders directling into their dedicated SYSPRO account.

Ordering tool for sales reps

Your reps can log into their customers’ accounts and place orders on their behalf. Stock2Shop is mobile friendly, making it a useful tool for capturing orders while on the road.

Allow back orders

Enable back orders, allowing customers to continue buying products that are out of stock.

Offer payment by credit card

You can offer customers the ability to pay upfront by credit card, using one of our accepted payment gateways.

Customise order fields

You are able to map the data received on the order to the relevant fields on the SYSPRO sales document. Provided the data can be captured in your standard order screen on SYSPRO, it can be added automatically by Stock2Shop.

Error management

If an order fails to process to SYSPRO, an error will appear in your Stock2Shop console and you will be sent an email notification. The error will give an indication of what caused the failure, and once you’ve rectified the issue, you can reset the order to try again.

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