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Fishing in multiple ponds might increase your chances of catching fish, but at what cost? You’ve got to set up a rod at each fishing spot, pay people to watch them, ensure there is enough bait to go around, and be able to move bait from an underperforming fishing spot to a more fruitful one if need be. Is it really worth the additional risk and stress?

But what if you could fish in multiple ponds with one fishing rod?

With Stock2Shop, selling your products in multiple markets needn’t be expensive or difficult. Once you have synced your product data from your ERP / accounting software to your Stock2Shop console, it can be distributed to various types of online sales channels for presentation to your customers.

Market types

Retail bricks and mortar stores are a traditional market type. If you are an SME business that generates sales this way, chances are you have a point of sale (POS) system that is linked up to an inventory management database (possibly in the form of an ERP). If this sounds like you and you are not selling online, you are missing a golden opportunity to reach more customers.

Online retail is booming. People want to be able to shop online, and if your products have no digital presence you are losing out on revenue. Common barriers to setting up an ecommerce website include the difficulty of maintaining accurate inventory, the man-power required to capture multiple online orders effectively and the management of the fulfillment process. The good news is that Stock2Shop can help to streamline your operation by syncing your ERP / accounting software with your website, and automatically notifying your third party logistics (3PL) service provider to deliver your orders.

Many businesses sell to both retail and/or wholesale markets. If this sounds like you, Stock2Shop can accommodate complexities endemic to your business model. These may include the need to:

  • Send different pricing to your retail and wholesale sales channels
  • Specify which products are for retail, which are for wholesale and which are for both
  • Offer each wholesale customer different discount structures
  • Offer payment terms and credit limits to wholesale customers

Online marketplaces have grown tremendously in recent years. An article in Adweek indicates that they accounted for 62.5% of all global online spend in 2020, and this trend is showing no sign of slowing down. But selling on marketplaces can be expensive, so In order for the high cost of sale to be worth it, vendors need to be able to manage their products with minimal fuss and the volumes need to be good. Stock2Shop can assist with the former by opening a feed of inventory updates from your ERP / accounting software to supported marketplaces, ensuring you don’t oversell or sell at the wrong price. In addition, marketplace orders can be automatically synced back into your ERP.

Dropshipping is a great way to expose more of your products to consumers. The low risk to your resellers means they are generally happy to list more of your items, as well as take a smaller margin on each sale. Stock2Shop is able to open feeds of your product data directly into your resellers’ websites (depending on which ecommerce platform they’re using), which means they will always have updated inventory information.

It all starts with your data source

Your ERP / accounting system is the ‘brain’ of your business. Stock2Shop enables you to curate the product information in your database and present it to the various markets in which you’re doing business. All you need to do is keep your data accurate and follow an agreed-upon workflow for managing your systems integration, and Stock2Shop will ensure that:

  • The right inventory and pricing information is synced to each market
  • Orders are sync into the relevant debtors account on your ERP

With Stock2Shop, you can cast lines into multiple fishing holes from one place, and when you get a bite, we will help you reel it in. Contact us to find out how you can angle for sales in more online markets more efficiently.

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