Workflow: Sage Evolution to the B2B Trade Store

Below is a brief overview of how Stock2Shop syncs product updates from Sage Evolution to the B2B Trade Store, and automatically raises online orders into Sage as invoices or sales orders.

There are two main elements to this Stock2Shop integration:

  • Product updates
  • Order automation

Product updates

Stock2Shop can sync vital product data from your Sage 100 or Sage 200 Evolution to the B2B Trade Store. This means that your wholesale customers and sales reps will see accurate stock levels and pricing.

We can, in fact, sync any of the data in your Sage product table to your Stock2Shop console. You can then choose to add enrichment such as images and other marketing information before sending it to the following fields on the Trade Store:

  • SKU
  • Barcode
  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Weight
  • Stock level
  • Product relationships (simple and configurable)
  • Categorisation
  • Multiple price lists
  • Contract (or Matrix) pricing
  • Any additional product attribute information

Below is a breakdown if the workflow for setting up this integration:


Stock2Shop can send your Sage items to the B2B Trade Store where they are created as either simple or multi-variant products, depending on your data.

Preparing you data: You would need to add some User Defined Fields (UDFs) indicated in red on the example spreadsheet below:

  • Online Sync. This must be a dropdown UDF field with three possible values:
    • IGNORE (This must be the default value. This item will not sync.)
    • ACTIVE (This item will sync to S2S and through to the website.)
    • DELETE (This will effect a deletion of the item in S2S and on the Trade Store. It will only be required later.)
  • Product Code. This is the parent code that groups SKUs together as variants of a single product.
    • It can never be blank.
    • If a product is simple (ie contains only one variant), copy the SKU into this field and leave the Product Option field blank. (see “Product D” as an example)
  • Product Option. This is the difference between any two variants as displayed to the customer on the website front end.

Using this workflow, you will be able to sync products from Sage Evolution to the Trade Store where they will be configured as multi-variant products where required. For more information on the relationship between products and variants, click here.

SKU (Item Code) Description (title) Online Sync Product Code Option Stock Price
WAL-001 Wallet Ignore A   30 80
GGLOVE-LH Golf glove - Left handed Active B Left 40 40
GGLOVE-RH Golf glove - right handed Ignore B Right 50 40
HOOD-S Hoodie - Small Active C Small 50 60
HOOD-M Hoodie - Medium Ignore C Medium 50 60
HOOD-L Hoodie - Large Ignore C Large 50 70
HAT-CORP Corporate hat Active D   50 80
WAT-001 Watch Ignore E   50 1000
ACME-TS-S T Shirt - Small Delete J Small 50 20
ACME-TS-M T Shirt - Medium Ignore J Medium 50 25

Order automation

In addition to syncing updates from Sage Evolution to the Trade Store, Stock2Shop also automates the raising of orders back to Sage as either invoices or sales orders.

Order automation is especially important if you are selling on multiple platforms, because it means that Sage will know about an online purchase as soon as it is placed on one of your platforms. This in turn allows Stock2Shop to promptly alert your other platforms of the reduction in stock availability, virtually eradicating the chance of overselling.

Why integrate Sage Evolution for ecommerce?

Sage Evolution already controls your company’s inventory and pricing. With Stock2Shop, you extend that control to all the places that you sell online. By centralising the management of your product data in Sage, you will

  • Reduce duplicate data capture
  • Reduce human error
  • Eliminate the risk of overselling
  • Free up time for you to spend on growing your business

Contact us to find out how you can streamline your online business with a more efficient workflow.

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