A source (or data source) is where your product, inventory and customer information originates.

In the below documentation we will be covering:

What is a source?

As the name suggests, it is the source of truth for vital product, inventory and customer information. As long as your source data is correct, Stock2Shop will ensure that your ecommerce website, online marketplace, B2B Trade Store and other supported sales channels are reflecting accurate information to your customers.

There are two types of sources on Stock2Shop:

Primary Source

A Primary source is used to create and enrich product, inventory and customer information to your sales channels. In addition, online orders placed on your sales channels can be raised into your primary source. Primary sources are typically your ERP / accounting systems.

Linked Source

A linked source is a source that can only be used to update / enrich existing product and inventory information on your sales channels. They are not able to create products, nor are they able to accept online orders. Linked sources generally come in the form of a flat file, Google Sheets or XML feeds.

Which sources are compatible with Stock2Shop?

Please click here and select “ERP / Accounting” to see if we support your system.